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Metelkova is an open and diverse community that encourages creative uses of public space, self-organization and responsibility towards the environment and the community. However, it is not a camping and caravanning site and especially it is not a place where visitors can forget about their responsibilities regarding respect for others (non-human animals included), the environment, and the basic principles of autonomous spaces. In case you plan to camp in Metelkova or stay here in other ways, please don't. Thank you.

Izjava AKC Metelkova Za neomejen ROG uporabe
2016-05-25 14:51:24
Niso še utihnili stroji, ki so porušili Malo šolo na Metelkovi, že Mestna občina Ljubljana pono...

HOLOGRAPHIC HUMAN ELEMENT (BiH| | LIVE | MENT FEST | Channel Zero | 03.02.2017
2017-03-01 11:18:33

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Metelkova Mesto Metelkova Mesto